Adult entertainment is a big deal, and consumption of it rises every single year.

Many men are looking for new ways to have sexual fun, so Pampering Massage was created.

Plenty of clinics with hot masseuses all across Tel Aviv are inviting you to enjoy a nice sensual massage.

Tel Aviv has been one of the most innovative city in the world in the adult entertainment business.

Pampering massage doesn’t necessarily means a happy ending or anything sexual.

The definition changes from each massage provider.

It can mean a massage with hot oils, it can mean skin routine and can even mean a naked massage.

It is recommended that you talk to the massage provider and ask beforehand.

How to find a massage in Tel Aviv?

It’s fairly easy, go to google and search Pampering Massage (עיסוי מפנק) in English or Hebrew

There will be a lot of websites providing ads about massage providers.

You can also go to a popular Massage website and start looking there.

You will find many ads in every region of the country, go to your desired region.

Start calling the massage providers you like, ask them questions that interest you.

Massage Criteria

Price – The price moves around 50$ to 150$, but prices change based on what’s included.

Location – The price of a massage in the north is less expensive than in the center of the country.

Discreetness – Many people want to go to discreet places where they won’t meet any other people.

That’s all there is to it, visit the website and choose based on these criteria, call around and ask questions accordingly.