An escort girl is an example of an escort girl that offers company and/or sexual services in exchange for payment. These escort girls in Tel Aviv are now offered on easily accessible online platforms rather than on street corners. Due to the Internet’s ability to allow for the sale of physical characteristics and descriptions, girls who work as escorts now have more options regarding their profession and customers. Women frequently upload images of themselves, describe the services they provide, highlight their special personal attributes, and list the fees they charge on these escort service websites. Investigating short-term mating preferences may be feasible by analyzing the data from escort adverts.

Males can get fast, opportunistic copulations without commitment by engaging in female prostitution, which is a type of short-term sexual strategy in exchange for the immediate transfer of cash resources to women. Given that prostitution involves sexual activity, it makes sense that any evolved mate choice traits existing in other contexts for short-term mate selection would also exist in prostitution. In this sexual market, prostitutes with qualities that are highly regarded by the majority of men should be able to command the highest rates.

Successful female escort females presumably are aware of the characteristics and attributes that male clients are looking for, and they adjust their offerings and prices accordingly. Online advertisements should emphasize the escort services and attributes that male clients are more interested in, and they should be more expensive. There is evidence to support the notion that women understand the value of their relationships and that how they view themselves affects the expectations they have for potential partners. Therefore, the most desirable escorts ought to charge more than their less appealing rivals.

Girls who work as escorts give a variety of partners access to sexual activities by virtue of their employment. Clients regard escorts as promiscuous and anticipate having sex.